8bit | Leave No Survivors


Server Name: 8bit | Adventures!

Server Address: Classified

Port: Classified

Current Game: Battlefield 4

Supported Expansions: China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragons Teeth and Final Stand

Monthly Players: 9401

Player Limit: 20 – 32

Server Capacity/Max Slots: 32 (28 players and 4 reserved for admin/spectator) 

Server Type: Ranked

Server Location: Cape Town

Server Tickrate: 60hz

Countries: Allow All (Except when ping infringes max allowed) 

Server Reset Frequency: Once monthly (undisclosed time)

Ping Limit: Players with pings of 250 or higher (average) are automatically kicked by the server.

V.I.P Slot Availability: 500 Slots

Idle time before player is kicked: 600 Seconds (10 minutes)

Punkbuster: On

Fairfight: On

Teamspeak: Yes

Protection Methods: Punkbuster Service along with GGC-Stream.NET, Fair Fight and ACI streaming.


[IRON] CLAN (THE IRON GUYS) – Members Banned Hacking/Cheating

We do not tolerate hacking/cheating in any form on our servers. After discovering a GGC ban had taken place against player D3MONICcc69 of [IRON] THE IRON GUYS on our server, we immediately posted this information to their platoon page and founder.

The founders appears to have no issues with their members hacking (after discovering their very own Platoon Leader and Founder was caught hacking, this makes perfect sense why he would want to cover for his clan members), as the post was promptly removed by them, and the public platoon feed closed from comments furthermore, member D3MONICcc69 (EA ID 27858468F570AD0693471D1F2EDF7F16) is still a member of [IRON] unbelievable.

Attempting to cover up your despicable, disgraceful actions along with your failure to act in regards to your member’s conduct speaks volumes about your gross lack of respect towards the Battlefield community as well as competitive gaming as a whole. It is you who give us (the good Battlefield community members) a bad reputation.

Not on our server, and until this matter is resolved ALL [IRON] members are banned from 8bit servers until further notice.

CLICK HERE for the official list of banned ZA players.

Player: i_killed_u_1 (Clan Founder) – http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/i_killed_u_1 and i-killed-u_RSA (possible secondary account)

IRON hacking

Player: Nagapie_ZA – http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Nagapie_ZA


Player: D3MONICcc69 – http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/D3MONICcc69

9/23/16, 3:13 PM 27858468F570AD0693471D1F2EDF7F16 South Africa D3MONICcc69 197.245.*.* Violation (MULTIHACK) #79732
9/23/16, 3:04 PM 27858468F570AD0693471D1F2EDF7F16 South Africa D3MONICcc69 197.245.*.* Violation (MULTIHACK) #79732



ENiGMA Clan – Disorderly Conduct

We seek to keep our servers free of bad elements like those players who insist on undermining the servers integrity by not following the rules, bullying, disruptive behavior, bad attitude and general unwanted conduct.

Behaviors like these are not tolerated on our server and prevent legitimate players as well as our VIP’s from enjoying the game.

In unprecedented fashion, due to the high volume of complaints received by the community in regards to the ENiGMA clan, we have decided to address this issue in a holistic way and are happy to let you guys know that we have removed them from our server, we apologize for the disruption they have caused over the past few days.

We thank you for bringing this to our attention, and hope that you continue to enjoy our server.

Remember obey the server rules at all times, show us disrespect and we will show you the door.


Team @ 8bit.

Dragons Teeth Expansion!

Dragons Teeth

As you may or may not be aware 8bit Servers have received an overwhelming amount of requests from players to include the now free Dragons Teeth expansion.

We are pleased to let you know that we have honored this request (for you guys!) and have now included Lumphini Garden in the servers standard map rotation.

Initially this will be on a probation period (to measure the popularity) and depending on the response, we will either included the rest of the Dragons Teeth maps or scrap the request in its entirety.

In layman’s terms, if the server sits empty as a result of disinterest or non-compliance we are going to revert back to vanilla, and never speak of expansions ever again mkaaaaay…..

Dragons Teeth Expansion

If you would like to continue to play the Dragons Teeth DLC we recommend encouraging you to invite ALL your friends to update and install the Dragons Teeth Expansion!

You’re welcome 😀

Team @ 8bit.

[DRM] DELIRIUM Members Caught Hacking by GGC

After a brief conversation with the clan founder of [DRM] DELIRIUM, he seems to have absolutely no issue with his members hacking, and even seeks to “attempt” a ban reversal.

We have a zero tolerance approach to hacking, particular those who hack on our servers.

Trying to cover up hacking is a serious problem for the Battlefield 4 community. Cheating further perpetuates the already bad reputation BF4 players have received over the years.

Despite his obviously futile attempt to remain anonymous, he has unknowingly left us his IP address, seen below.

Comment from the clan leader:[DRM] DELIRIUM hacking


4/25/16, 6:06 PM CCC4AC9A5D600D6B610CA144F9FA34E2 South Africa DRM_MyName94 105.228.*.* Violation (WALLHACK) #69096

[DRM] DELIRIUM hacking

Report these hackers to dice/EA

REPORT THIS PLATOON: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/1647206004637639670

A player called: HackzHunter1 ( EA ID: EA_D4FA61A50F030E2AB8BA31A9143982A1 ) has been trying to impersonate our player hackzHunter.

So we have come across a squad of players that have been banned from our sever for hacking and unwanted behavior, including verbal abuse and bullying other players. In an attempt to seek retribution they have impersonated our squad, and claim to be from 8bit, they are not affiliated with us in ANY way. If you see any of these hackers please report them to EA/Dice.

Take a look at the date the clan was formed. 2015/09/13 year after our platoon was formed in 2014/02/27.

We will be submitting a report to EA/Dice and GGC/punkbuster so they will no longer be able to play battlefield.



Below is a list of the EA ids for banning.



ban list 2

ban list 3