[DRM] DELIRIUM Members Caught Hacking by GGC

After a brief conversation with the clan founder of [DRM] DELIRIUM, he seems to have absolutely no issue with his members hacking, and even seeks to “attempt” a ban reversal.

We have a zero tolerance approach to hacking, particular those who hack on our servers.

Trying to cover up hacking is a serious problem for the Battlefield 4 community. Cheating further perpetuates the already bad reputation BF4 players have received over the years.

Despite his obviously futile attempt to remain anonymous, he has unknowingly left us his IP address, seen below.

Comment from the clan leader:[DRM] DELIRIUM hacking


4/25/16, 6:06 PM CCC4AC9A5D600D6B610CA144F9FA34E2 South Africa DRM_MyName94 105.228.*.* Violation (WALLHACK) #69096

[DRM] DELIRIUM hacking


2 thoughts on “[DRM] DELIRIUM Members Caught Hacking by GGC

  1. Your information is false. We did not have a brief conversation – you left halfway through it. The comment was not left by me, the clan leader, again – you information is false. We do not condone any forms of hacking/macros/scripts. Unfortunately you did not take the time to get the full story and it is a shame that you are slandering our name. Please take the time to speak to me and correct your facts.

    Kind regards

  2. Our conversation was indeed short, as I cut it short. I have no time to waste debating the accuracies of anti-cheating systems.

    You seek to reverse the GGC ban which would undermine the anti-cheat systems put in place to prevent hacking, so therefore you are indeed indirectly supporting this behavior.

    We are not slandering your clan, you are through your actions, your members and your willingness to accept unwanted behaviors like cheating.

    Your only response should have been a direct apology on behalf of your members who were caught hacking on our server, and gratitude, a thank you to our Admins for bringing the matter to your attention as well as ridding your clan of the bad element, furthermore your response and general defensive attitude towards this incident only makes us wonder how many more of your member are possibly cheating…

    In light of this we will follow through with the report to EA. The facts supplied are 100% accurate, these are supplied by GGC themselves and if you have an issue with this, we suggest you contact GGC and follow up with them.

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