SMURF: A new or recently created player account (possibly one of many) often used to circumvent a ban. Smurf accounts are also used as a means to hack/cheat, as smurf accounts are often disposable and obtained illegally. Smurf accounts are also used to boost or pad-stats. Smurfs can also be communally shared accounts for clans that have been banned or blacklisted.

BOOSTING/PADDING STATS: Utilizing one or multiple team members/friends/acquaintances on the opposing team as a means to (safely) illegitimately increase player statistics (KD/KPM/SPM) by “swapping kills” or setting up/rigging long distance sniper kills and similar activities.

GHOST/GHOSTING: Utilizing one or multiple team members/friends/acquaintances purposefully placed on the opposing team as a means to gain an advantage (including access to enemy positions or information that shouldn’t otherwise be available to you) in order to cheat or undermine the game integrity.

REDZONE/BASE AREA: The playable area surrounding your teams original base/spawn location marked by a white line and solid opaque black section, which is inaccessible to the opposing team. This area will vary depending on map. Example below:

battlefield 4 redzone

CLICK HERE to view images marking the redzones for all teams in Battlefield 4.

BASE RAPE/SPAWN RAPE: Shooting into or out of the unplayable redzone areas marked in the above image(s) again see link for a complete list of redzones based on map.

JET & HELI RAMMING/RAMMER: Using or attempting to use an aircraft or helicopter to crash into and destroy another aircraft, ground vehicles or players.

GRIEFING: Causing disruption or instability by verbally abusing other players within the server. Griefing can also include undermining the game by destroying your own teams (or opponents) unoccupied equipment or vehicles that are still present within the redzones.

FARMING KILLS: Waiting at the mouth of a spawn point or redzone and immediately killing or destroying players and vehicles as they leave the protected spawn area.