I was kicked


DO NOT enter our server, break the rules and then pretend to “react in outrage” when those rules are enforced, and action is taken against you. You are a guest in our server, it is NOT your right to play on it, it is a privilege, treat it as such. Players must be aware that 9095% of the activity conducted within the server is recorded.

We do not subscribe to “entitlement” culture, we do not guarantee any quality of service whatsoever.

ANY attempt to test our patients, will result in action being taken against you.

If you were kicked from our server for any reason, and return only to flame, fuss, dispute or disrupt a game in progress, you WILL be banned.

It is YOUR responsibility as a player to become familiar with the rules of the server upon entry, and abide by them at ALL times.


Our server is managed autonomously almost exclusively via automation, this means all processes are managed via plugins provided by the server. (in layman’s terms this means the for the majority of time during normal working hours, the server is run by a computer and not a person).

If you feel you are being targeted “bullied” or “picked on” by the server you are free to leave the server at any time but remember it’s a machine not a person and is therefore incapable of bias, malicious, vindictive or emotional decisions. (absolutely ridiculous we know, but people actually send us emails regarding this bullshit lol)

Our server is offered to you (the player) at NOT COST and therefore we DO NOT guarantee any quality of use or set any expectations whatsoever. If you do not pay a cent towards the upkeep and maintenance of the server you are NOT entitled to a thing, simple.

Our admins are on standby, observing the server ONLY when necessary or when summoned, or required.