Server Rules

Type !rules to see a list of server rules.

  • Players WILL be kicked to make room for server VIP’s.
  • Admins may periodically spectate the game.
  • Do not jet/heli ram!
  • All weapons allowed (unless otherwise specified by an Admin).
  • No hacking/boosting/aimbots/overlays/macros/glitches/”advantages” or added modifications/software, this includes added or built-in mouse/keyboard accelerators and macros.
  • No abuse towards admins or other players will be tolerated and will result in you being kicked or banned.
  • Players with pings of 250 or higher (average) are automatically kicked by the server.
  • No base rape, spawn rape, shooting into or out of the red zone.
  • No firing the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) Truck from within the redzone.
  • No stealing of enemy equipment & vehicles from/or within their redzone/base.
  • Ghosting and smurf accounts, or similar activities that undermine the game integrity will result in you being banned.
  • Any attempt to impersonate an 8bit member or admin will result in IMMEDIATE and permanent ban.
  • No advertising services, other servers or products in this server.
  • The owners/admins are NOT liable or responsible for the actions or conversations conducted by players within the server.


DO NOT challenge the authority of our admins, inciting a debate or argument will lead to you being suspended, removed/banned.

Use a “common sense” approach to what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior within the server, disgusting and excessive foul language is not acceptable, nor is targeted harassment, general bad behavior like bullying, intimidation, flaming or griefing.


To report suspicious players/activities or players not following the rules of the server you can use the !report command, alternatively you can use the !admin command and an admin will be online within minutes.

Need more info? Navigate to our Terms of Use.