It has come to our attention that certain information has been circulating online regarding both the 8bit clan members and 8bit servers, we are happy to report that both claims are in fact 100% false and baseless.

These wild claims/accusations as per usual (always without any physical evidence or proof whatsoever, seriously send us a video or image or SOMETHING! so we can diagnose the “issue”) are failed attempts at defamation by certain players who feel the need to have their grievances validated by desperately seeking affirmation of other like minded players who also share similar opinions online. They do this to “reassure” themselves that their opinions of the server are somehow valid.

Reviewing the list of individuals and complaints in question, the primary troublemakers identified are those same individuals who have recently been kicked/banned from our server for multiple varied rule infringements as well as hacking, bullying and griefing.

The most common complaint seen here is ” being kicked for no reason” again (we have covered this question countless times) every single time a player joins the 8bit server they are prompted with an unavoidable yell message which is displayed on screen as well as in chat, this message is always displayed and can not be turned off or removed by a player.

NON-VIP members WILL be kicked at ANY time without warning to make space for VIP members, this messages has been displayed since the conception of the server. It is the player’s responsibility to read the rules as well as important server messages upon entry to the server, we unfortunately have no control over those who choose to ignore these messages. We are under no obligation to provide any warning, we are not providing a service. 



The nonsense claim regarding “8bit members leaving the clan and playing on other servers due to bad apples” is both laughable and false. We have taken on 4 new members within the past 2 years only 1 of which (our most recent member) has decided to leave after a short stay based on their own personal discretion, our clan has always been the same small but strong close knit group of 12 friends.



If you are unhappy with the server, simply leave? as no one is forcing you to join or play on the server.

There are plenty of “other servers” out there devoid of structure or rules of any kind, but we are pleased that our servers are the standard to which others compare and aspire too, furthermore we are proud to remove those players who can’t follow the rules or simply choose not to, as this keeps our server clean and free of the bad element. It is for this very reason our extensive player-base chooses to play on our servers and others try imitate it.

Remember it’s the internet, it’s uncensored, unregulated, and anyone with access to an internet ready device can simply hop on and make any claim with zero accountability for the information posted, this is an environment whereby these sort of claims thrive.



The bad apples @ 8bit


8bit | Leave No Survivors


Server Name: 8bit | Adventures!

Server Address: Classified

Port: Classified

Current Game: Battlefield 4

Supported Expansions: China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragons Teeth and Final Stand

Monthly Players: 9401

Player Limit: 20 – 32

Server Capacity/Max Slots: 32 (28 players and 4 reserved for admin/spectator) 

Server Type: Ranked

Server Location: Cape Town

Server Tickrate: 60hz

Countries: Allow All (Except when ping infringes max allowed) 

Server Reset Frequency: Once monthly (undisclosed time)

Ping Limit: Players with pings of 250 or higher (average) are automatically kicked by the server.

V.I.P Slot Availability: 500 Slots

Idle time before player is kicked: 600 Seconds (10 minutes)

Punkbuster: On

Fairfight: On

Teamspeak: Yes

Protection Methods: Punkbuster Service along with GGC-Stream.NET, Fair Fight and ACI streaming.