ENiGMA Clan – Disorderly Conduct

We seek to keep our servers free of bad elements like those players who insist on undermining the servers integrity by not following the rules, bullying, disruptive behavior, bad attitude and general unwanted conduct.

Behaviors like these are not tolerated on our server and prevent legitimate players as well as our VIP’s from enjoying the game.

In unprecedented fashion, due to the high volume of complaints received by the community in regards to the ENiGMA clan, we have decided to address this issue in a holistic way and are happy to let you guys know that we have removed them from our server, we apologize for the disruption they have caused over the past few days.

We thank you for bringing this to our attention, and hope that you continue to enjoy our server.

Remember obey the server rules at all times, show us disrespect and we will show you the door.


Team @ 8bit.