Dragons Teeth Expansion!

Dragons Teeth

As you may or may not be aware 8bit Servers have received an overwhelming amount of requests from players to include the now free Dragons Teeth expansion.

We are pleased to let you know that we have honored this request (for you guys!) and have now included Lumphini Garden in the servers standard map rotation.

Initially this will be on a probation period (to measure the popularity) and depending on the response, we will either included the rest of the Dragons Teeth maps or scrap the request in its entirety.

In layman’s terms, if the server sits empty as a result of disinterest or non-compliance we are going to revert back to vanilla, and never speak of expansions ever again mkaaaaay…..

Dragons Teeth Expansion

If you would like to continue to play the Dragons Teeth DLC we recommend encouraging you to invite ALL your friends to update and install the Dragons Teeth Expansion!

You’re welcome 😀

Team @ 8bit.


[DRM] DELIRIUM Members Caught Hacking by GGC

After a brief conversation with the clan founder of [DRM] DELIRIUM, he seems to have absolutely no issue with his members hacking, and even seeks to “attempt” a ban reversal.

We have a zero tolerance approach to hacking, particular those who hack on our servers.

Trying to cover up hacking is a serious problem for the Battlefield 4 community. Cheating further perpetuates the already bad reputation BF4 players have received over the years.

Despite his obviously futile attempt to remain anonymous, he has unknowingly left us his IP address, seen below.

Comment from the clan leader:[DRM] DELIRIUM hacking


4/25/16, 6:06 PM CCC4AC9A5D600D6B610CA144F9FA34E2 South Africa DRM_MyName94 105.228.*.* Violation (WALLHACK) #69096

[DRM] DELIRIUM hacking