[IRON] CLAN (THE IRON GUYS) – Members Banned Hacking/Cheating

We do not tolerate hacking/cheating in any form on our servers. After discovering a GGC ban had taken place against player D3MONICcc69 of [IRON] THE IRON GUYS on our server, we immediately posted this information to their platoon page and founder.

The founders appears to have no issues with their members hacking (after discovering their very own Platoon Leader and Founder was caught hacking, this makes perfect sense why he would want to cover for his clan members), as the post was promptly removed by them, and the public platoon feed closed from comments furthermore, member D3MONICcc69 (EA ID 27858468F570AD0693471D1F2EDF7F16) is still a member of [IRON] unbelievable.

Attempting to cover up your despicable, disgraceful actions along with your failure to act in regards to your member’s conduct speaks volumes about your gross lack of respect towards the Battlefield community as well as competitive gaming as a whole. It is you who give us (the good Battlefield community members) a bad reputation.

Not on our server, and until this matter is resolved ALL [IRON] members are banned from 8bit servers until further notice.

CLICK HERE for the official list of banned ZA players.

Player: i_killed_u_1 (Clan Founder) – http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/i_killed_u_1 and i-killed-u_RSA (possible secondary account)

IRON hacking

Player: Nagapie_ZA – http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Nagapie_ZA


Player: D3MONICcc69 – http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/D3MONICcc69

9/23/16, 3:13 PM 27858468F570AD0693471D1F2EDF7F16 South Africa D3MONICcc69 197.245.*.* Violation (MULTIHACK) #79732
9/23/16, 3:04 PM 27858468F570AD0693471D1F2EDF7F16 South Africa D3MONICcc69 197.245.*.* Violation (MULTIHACK) #79732