Terms of Use


Upon visiting this website, any of the 8bit Servers or platforms you agree to and are bound by our terms of use listed below.

8bit Servers are privately owned, funded and administrated. 8bit Servers are in NO way affiliated with EA, Dice or any other 3rd party entity.

Terms of Use are subject to change without prior written warning or notification.

8bit Server owners/admins are NOT liable or responsible for the actions or conversations conducted by players within the server.

Any attempt to impersonate an 8bit member or admin will result in IMMEDIATE and permanent ban.

Non V.I.P members are (automatically) aggressively kicked to make room for server V.I.P’s Admins and Owners.


Rights of admission reserved.

8bit Servers/Admins are not liable for any technical issues that you as a player may encounter as a result of 3rd party services like Rconnet, EA/Dice based services, Origin, Battlelog, browsers, apps or any other 3rd party service, these issues may include but are not limited to:

  • Being kicked for ping
  • Being kicked without warning/reason
  • Being banned
  • Unknown system errors
  • Network or ISP issues
  • Any other known or unknown system/server error

8bit Servers, Admins and 8bitbfserver.wordpress.com reserve the right to both grant or deny use to any individual, business, company, party, player or entity of is choosing.


All bans are final,  should a player have an active ban on their ID, that current ban is carried over to new account/s sharing the same username/EA or PD ID. These bans are also enforced if the same user owns multiple accounts, and in addition those accounts will be banned to.


Users must be aware that certain personal information is logged and stored when leaving a comment or posting an Email via the 8bitbfserver.wordpress.com website.

It is NOT a right to play on our servers, it’s a privilege, treat it as such.