V.I.P Signup

We are excited to announce that 8bit Servers will be supporting and hosting an exclusive Battlefield 1 server, so reserve your V.I.P slot now! Be sure to hurry as there are only 500 slots available!

Perks of being a V.I.P

  • Never have to wait in server queue
  • Immunity from server auto-balance
  • Immunity from auto-kick V.I.P join (wont get kicked out if server is full and a V.I.P joins)
  • Exclusive technical support
  • Join our community TS channel

Simply submit your username below for screening, please note if you change your username after you become a server V.I.P you will need to resubmit, furthermore if you have been banned from our servers (at any point) you will not be eligible to become a V.I.P